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Internet Download Accelerator accelerates HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP file downloads.
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Internet Download Accelerator

The Internet Download Accelerator provides an efficient solution to three of the most common issues that arise when downloading files: increased download speed, the ability to resume interrupted downloads, and improved administration of downloaded data. With the use of Internet Download Accelerator, you are able to significantly boost the rate at which files are downloaded from the Internet via the HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. The acceleration is accomplished by dividing the file that is being downloaded into many pieces and then downloading each of those portions simultaneously. The application can pick up broken downloads from both HTTP and HTTPS servers as well as FTP servers just where they left off.

The application integrates with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Safari, Yandex Browser, and Vivaldi, amongst others, and replaces the normal download modules in these browsers. This integration improves the usefulness of the program. Additionally, the application keeps an eye on the system clipboard and can identify URLs if they are pasted there. Video from several of the most prominent video providers may be downloaded and saved using IDA. (IDA differs from IDM.)

Internet Download Accelerator screen
No matter what kind of connection you have, Internet Download Accelerator will make the most efficient use of the available bandwidth on your connection in order to download files very quickly. Tool for the administration of download categories that is both powerful and helpful. The capability to do automatic file type identification, as well as automatic file placement inside the categories that have been established. An unbounded number of levels and classifications inside the hierarchy.


In order for the application to function, a file that is being downloaded is first segmented into many pieces, and then each of these portions is simultaneously downloaded. By doing so, it is possible to accomplish, in theory at least, a quicker download, which, for the most part, it does. It is also quite handy in that it can reconnect to broken downloads, and if you use numerous browsers, it can easily integrate into all of them in a quick and uncomplicated manner. Both of these features make it incredibly useful. It also comes equipped with a peculiar capability that can identify the URLs that you have copied to your clipboard and pasted elsewhere on your computer. It will alert you when it finds downloaded links that are present on the page and will ask you to download them, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do so. In addition to all of this, it comes pre-installed with an FTP Explorer, a site manager for password and download folders, a download scheduler, and a download throttle, so you can control it if it’s starting to block your connection with too many downloads at once. This is especially helpful if you are on a network or shared connection.

Internet Download Accelerator menu

Detailed Descriptions and Key Points

  • Simple to use: a user interface that is straightforward, user-friendly, and fully adaptable;
  • Support for downloading lists, with a wide variety of sorting options;
  • The floating window, which includes an indication for the download speed as well as indicators for current downloads and a cart for dragging links;
  • Technology developed by Active Visual Cart that allows users to interact with IDA without having to open the primary window of the software;
  • Downloading that is dynamic and multi-threaded;
  • Downloads that have become corrupted can be restarted from the point where they were interrupted on HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers;
  • operation on a predetermined schedule, shutting off the computer, sleeping, or going into standby mode when the download is finished;
  • Optimal configurations for use with several types of connections (dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, and LAN) operating at varying speeds;
  • FTP Explorer;
  • Encouragement of the use of download mirrors.
  • looking for download mirrors and adding them;
  • Tool for the control of download categories that is both powerful and helpful;
  • Work with ZIP archives, including the ability to examine the contents of ZIP archives before downloading them, the option to download just files that have been specifically chosen from inside an archive, the opportunity to check ZIP archives and recover corrupted data, and the option to unpack archives;
  • Perform operations on RAR archives, including the ability to examine RAR archives and the option to unpack archives;
  • a comprehensive log file for each and every download;
  • Site administrator responsible for managing passwords and download directories;
  • Control the speed of your downloads and switch to automated mode for the smoothest experience when surfing the web.
  • Mode in which the download speed can be dynamically controlled manually;
  • Option to assign downloads to certain order of importance;
  • The capability to download HTML pages complete with pictures;
  • Download the whole directories using FTP, including all of the subfolders;
  • A recognition of the content while operating over HTTP;
  • Participate in the command-line process;
  • Dial to connect via a dial-up modem;
  • Within Smart Pause/Start, you may search for files, applications, and archives in addition to documents. Capability of momentarily pausing ongoing downloads with the option to resume them at a later time in the same sequence and state; a wealth of choices for fine-tuning connection parameters for HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP;
  • Work behind proxy servers for HTTP and FTP, support for NTLM, and NTLM-proxy authentication are all required.
  • IDA has the capability to automatically identify and utilise the proxy server settings of your web browser;
  • Support for FTP via SSL/TSL;
  • Option to play streaming audio and video files while they are downloading. Streaming audio and video files.
  • When a download is started, there is an immediate acquisition of information on MP3 files;
  • Downloads and their histories;
  • The capability of dragging and dropping chosen text from a browser or another application onto the floating window as an alternative.
  • The program will locate links inside the text and provide you with the option to begin the download;
  • The capacity to drag and download text descriptions from other programs.
  • Insertion into the download description of the text that has been picked while the page is open in Internet Explorer.
  • Look for it in the list of downloads;
  • The possibility of having files on servers and on your machine automatically synchronized with one another (auto-update);
  • Verifying, either manually or automatically, that the downloaded files have been updated;
  • indicating that downloaded files have not yet been viewed;
  • Options for exporting and importing download lists in their entirety. The following file types are supported:.txt,.txtd,.lst,.urls, and.ion.
  • Downloading of many intellectual sections.
  • The Internet Download Accelerator can dynamically divide a file into several portions as it is being downloaded, and then it can download all of those sections at the same time.
  • Restarts the download automatically if the downloading speed drops, so preventing it from coming to a complete halt;
  • Download control that now includes an automated mode makes web browsing a more pleasant experience.


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